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Products Name:
Sodium Sulfamate
Molecular Formula:


Annual output:
Molecular Weight:
118.98 (International atomic weights,1975)

 --White crystal
--Melting point 174°C
--Soluble of water,weakly alkaline in water solution
--Normal standard solubility is 84.4.
 --Has hygroscopicity.

Packing, Storage and Transportation:
Knitting bags with plastic liner,25kg per bag. Following the rules for transporting and storing normal chemicals.Keep in dry and clean storage,protection from sunshine,misture,rain-drenched.
Quality index:
name of index standard remarks
sodium sulfamate %≥ 99.5 producing according to customers'needs
insoluble in water%≥ 0.5
PH value of 10 percent of water solution 7-8

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